Give your gremlins a hug today.

I've  been struggling this past week. It’s to be expected. The gremlins of shame, anxiety and sadness are back. I am scrambling to make them go away. I know how to do this, right? If I just white knuckle it, work hard to dig out from this rut, pull myself up by my bootstraps and... Continue Reading →

Dear Sheryl Sandberg.

Dear Sheryl, I hear you have a book coming out soon, something about us women needing to hit the accelerator and "lean in" even more than we are now. Apparently, you feel that we still have way more work to do and are offering advice. Your "movement" is getting a lot of praise and you have caught... Continue Reading →

Emeryville, I’m Listening.

Coffee Gal: So how was your birthday?Rude Dude: Oh…yeah well Girl tried to kill herself last night. (Snicker Snicker)Coffee Gal: What?Rude Dude: Well, yeah it was a cry for help or something. ANYWAY, she took a bunch of penicillin.Coffee Gal: (Laughs) Ohh god! Whatever!Rude Dude: (Laughing) Right? I’ve been telling this story all day and I sound... Continue Reading →

One of my favorite things in the world is noticing the shifting moods of the San Francisco Bay. I can always appreciate something that changes with the wind. Sometimes the bay is serene and inviting and at other times it feels the wind and oncoming mist are can push a person aside. No matter what... Continue Reading →

I’m Listening, to the signs.

I recently lost my job. It’s been a few weeks and I’ve been silent up to now, but I am strong enough to admit it out loud. This post has been aggravating my writer’s block so I have to get this out.  I am pushing myself to ignore the unhelpful voice inside that has stifled my... Continue Reading →

Short Fiction #1: The Last Weekend.

The quickest decisions always have the best results. This had been proven to Shelia many times in her life. Deciding to take a trip to Washington DC didn't take long. Shelia couldn't recall the last time she made a decision this fast. The impetus for the trip was fueled by the momentary excitement of Obama’s re-election and... Continue Reading →

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