I can has no more cheezburgers!

I have some useless addictions that have cropped up over time, probably to fill the holes of past addictions. I am on the cusp of some bad behaviors taking hold of me and I need to share. I keep gobbling up horrible 24-hour cable news and starting today I am stepping away from the TV.... Continue Reading →

View of San Francisco Bay from Indian Rock Park, Berkeley Ca. Taken with an iPhone 4s, processed with Picassa.

Taken with iPhone 4s, while riding on a bus.  Riding on the Bay Bridge over the fog.

Taken in the Port of Oakland, on Alameda Ferry. With iPhone 4s. 

Are you there Judy Blume?

"I'm a part of the women's movement, even if nobody knew it but me."-Judy Blume As a girl, I learned so much from Judy. I learned about periods from reading her books. You know¬†menstruation not grammatical. Seriously, I thought she meant the period at the end. One of the girls on my block with an... Continue Reading →

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