Oakland has it!

My favorite thing about Oakland its a place that is always misunderstood. A bit iconoclastic, a bit rebellious, of course sadly violent and always filled with diversity.

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  1. Rats! Now I have to visit Oakland, too. Will the world of art never stop torturing me with it’s awesomeness!

    I love the rugged look of everything twisted around itself, looking almost like it arrived there by accident. Almost.

    1. Most of this installation was done by artists that show their work at Burning Man. Its cool the city worked with this group to make this permanent installation.

      1. Art murmur sort of cropped up and then the city took notice. The sculpture garden seems like a partnership with local artists but Oakland is need of good pr after last years debacle with occupy and other various issues. The art community is really strong, diverse and not pretentious. I love it!

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