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I am part conundrum, part cliche. A mother, who blogs, yet I won’t espouse rules for raising children. An immigrant’s daughter, whose parents came from Punjab, India to live a better life, yet I question the dream. I am a product of America, some may say confused, but I would say I have an all encompassing view of culture and identity. I live in a liberal bastion of The Bay Area, yet I am critical of our political bubble, even if I agree in most cases. I married a man from Iceland, not to snub my nose at my Punjabi Sikh roots, nor to deny my Americanism. Rather, my decision was in based on neither. Maybe it was a little moment of freedom?

Don’t take me for wishy-washy, I firmly believe that we live on an inter-connected sphere and our actions affect each other. I feel strongly about my responsibility to help others, be open and honest, share stories and work hard to remove singled-minded thinking. My culture has shaped my world-view and yet I have fun trying to pull it apart. My only intention is to live a richer life and create a nurturing community for my daughter. In my limited time I have done a lot of things, gotten into trouble, played music, worked as a marketing manager, protested wars and traveled abroad. But writing has been my strongest desire, so I dedicate this blog to the little writer that has been stuck inside myself without words. My blog may seem all over the place, but the singular theme is that its all written by me–a somewhat complicated, thoughtful, caring lover of life.

Thank you for enjoying my blog. Here’s to listening hard.

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