Listening to What?

I am starting to learn that sometimes I gotta shut up and listen, that is when the world offers you its best. Hope? Love? Inspiration? Humor? Crap?  Listening is not easy. For me its now become a daily practice that feels uncomfortable in a good way. What I am trying to accomplish, is to take time in my life  to listen to my daughter, my husband, friends and family. But it goes deeper than just listening  to voices and feelings. I need to listen to my heart, to my creative ideas and what is in my soul.  Sometimes I may learn by listening to a conversation at a coffee shop or to words written by great authors, philosophers and historians.  Sometimes I may need to listen to lessons from my past or from stories of my family.

I have always been the first in class to raise my hand and ask questions. I have never shied away from talking to anyone, even random strangers. Trust me I can always find a way to have a conversation on any topic and with almost anyone.  These skills have gotten me pretty far, but I’ve noticed that underneath my talking, seeking attention and running away from hard truths in life, I miss the point.  Listening is not the same as hearing, it blossoms in quiet moments of solitude with nature and art and philosophy.  I don’t want to miss out on this world.

I am delving into silence and listening to my true self.

I hope to work on my craft, create from my ideas rather than keep them inside.

I want to finish what I start and feel happy knowing that I am trying.

I’m just keeping my ear to the ground and writing along the way.

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    1. Hi Carol. I know I do need to and an about me page. Thanks for reminding. I’ve been a little stuck on it for some reason.

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