Protesting is not the problem

The past two nights, I’ve attended rallies in Oakland and San Francisco marching against police terror and violence. I chose to march to unify, to be a body in a sea of protesters, to bring attention and to call on Oakland City Council to reform our corrupt police department. I attended in solidarity, but I was... Continue Reading →

Mommy. That’s not my name!

It started off as NooNooBean, in utero. Just a name for my ever growing belly. Websites that track our progress, compare the fetus to fruits and vegetables. Starting off as a bean, an apple, pumpkin, an eight pound watermelon. When my little girl was born, I was in love. I recognized her round cheeks and... Continue Reading →

WordPress Family Award

I have been very remiss. Long story short, I am officially over-booked with the goodness of life. This is not a complaint, I'm just slightly annoyed I haven't kept up. Today I move forward. Funny thing, I've been keeping exciting news to myself. I've been nominated for a WordPress Family Award, by David, a prolific blogger... Continue Reading →

A Turban is a Beacon of Love

  In the rough and tumble of Oakland, CA, a place where violence can take hold, a grandparent-like Sikh couple walk around my local park and use the free city shuttle almost every morning. They don't talk to each other; they seem more intent on walking. Based on their simple clothing, the twists of his... Continue Reading →

A Galaxy of Unrealistic Dreams

I know I gave myself a challenge. A post a day the entire month of May. I have my ears open for topics that shift perceptions, ideas that inspire change in attitudes, kill off old habits and upend outmoded thinking. My intention is to celebrate change, inciting motivation in myself. An act of doing rather... Continue Reading →

Complaining Doesn’t Help

I come from a long line of complainers. Complaining is a pastime that is highly cultivated by the matriarchs of my clan. Their debut is launched with the skill of a professional impromptu master. So I have grown used to hearing a constant litany of what is wrong mostly with men, the house, kids and... Continue Reading →

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