The Purple Box

This is a piece generated in the Writer’s Studio and a first in a series of poems and flash fiction that will be published on this blog throughout the year. A new year and new goals. Thanks for reading. There was a time when things held meaning for me as if they kept me together like... Continue Reading →

Damping the Echo.

Listening hard is a choice.  At first, we open ourselves to hear everything. To use "big ears" and soak in all the noise. The trick is in the tuning. Exposing the clarity of crystal notes that break through the interference. To feel the warm hum of low frequency embracing us with forgiveness. The quiet descent of... Continue Reading →

Emeryville, I’m Listening.

Coffee Gal: So how was your birthday?Rude Dude: Oh…yeah well Girl tried to kill herself last night. (Snicker Snicker)Coffee Gal: What?Rude Dude: Well, yeah it was a cry for help or something. ANYWAY, she took a bunch of penicillin.Coffee Gal: (Laughs) Ohh god! Whatever!Rude Dude: (Laughing) Right? I’ve been telling this story all day and I sound... Continue Reading →

Short Fiction #1: The Last Weekend.

The quickest decisions always have the best results. This had been proven to Shelia many times in her life. Deciding to take a trip to Washington DC didn't take long. Shelia couldn't recall the last time she made a decision this fast. The impetus for the trip was fueled by the momentary excitement of Obama’s re-election and... Continue Reading →

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